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Sognando l'Alto Adige | by Cristina.

Tonight we watch the stars fall down by Daniel_Ernst on Flickr.

Today a dude yelled “fuck the Lannisters” at me and I had no idea why until I got home. Rude.

Angry Starks

Neil Degrasse Tyson - Cosmos

by Photos from a Porcupine

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (Paul Delaroche, 1833)
Lady Jane Grey, ‘the queen for nine days,’ the ‘traitor-heroine,’ was only seventeen when she was executed for high treason. The Third Succession Law of 1544 had made her eligible for taking the English throne but Mary soon won over the support of the English people and Lady Jane Grey and her husband were locked in the Tower of London before being sentenced to death. Her executioner asked for forgiveness which she granted and said: “I pray you dispatch me quickly.” Referring to her head, she asked, “Will you take it off before I lay me down?”, and the axeman answered: “No, madam.” She then blindfolded herself. Jane then failed to find the block with her hands, and cried, “What shall I do? Where is it?” She cried out “Lord! Into thy hands I commend my spirit!” before being beheaded.


Goldblum Reacts | a brief summary of Jeff Goldblum’s recent AMA on reddit

Hahahaha. Let’s see. Off the top of my head, I’d splice myself with a dolphin, and my name would be Surf Goldblum.